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The creative process behind advertising, graphic design and graphic novels is the focus of this blog. That doesn’t mean that every aspect of creative process is discussed. I may air my opinion on whatever I choose from a random selection that needs creative scrutiny. It goes for film, photography, illustration and life in general as well.

Couture Rani: The making of a brand

When Couture Rani approached Pixelbrew for designing a website, their online business was just an idea. An idea with wings but no feather. It took almost a month for us to finalize the concept and strategy. The logo, corporate identity, and mock-ups happened in a matter of days. The concept behind the logo is simple yet emotive. An amalgamation of two language alphabets gives meaning to the logo and Couture Rani’s Indo-Western name.

Another six months went by before a prototype was in place.

In the meantime products were selected from designers, photographed and retouched in Delhi, India; webpages were designed; and site construction began in Scottsdale, Arizona. was online with a one page announcement. The real thing followed in two weeks. The response was overwhelming.


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